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  1. Keval Patil

    What is the difference between failure and fracture?

    How did you find PF?: Google search How we can differentiate failure and fracture using Stress Strain Curve [Mentor Note -- thread moved from the New Member Introduction forum]
  2. W

    What is the equation of this stress-strain curve?

    For this nonlinear hardening stress strain curve, how do you express strain in terms of stresses ?
  3. Ravi Singh choudhary

    Stress strain diagram of mild steel -- gauge length made half

    All we know the usual stress strain diagram obtained from tensile test from universal testing machine. As modulus of elasticity is material property that means till proportional limit slope will not change. As it is not a force vs elongation curve that means there will be no re-scaling to be...
  4. F

    Strain rate material modeling

    I want to create stress/strain curves for Higher Strain Rates from an available stress/strain curve? I am interested on the mathematical formulation aspect to generate a Dyna Material card.
  5. T

    Converting stress-strain curve to shear stress-shear strain

    Homework Statement For a crystalline metal material - Elastic modulus E - Poisson ratio v - A table with test data of stresses vs. total strains, from a monotonic uniaxial tension test, which generates a stress-strain curve. How would you use this data to find the corresponding pure shear...