What is System analysis: Definition and 20 Discussions

System analysis in the field of electrical engineering that characterizes electrical systems and their properties. System analysis can be used to represent almost anything from population growth to audio speakers; electrical engineers often use it because of its direct relevance to many areas of their discipline, most notably signal processing, communication systems and control systems.

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  1. mjtsquared

    I On the stability of an LTI circuit

    An LTI circuit such as one composed of resistors, capacitors, and inductors, in general is a stable LTI system, i.e. its impulse response is one that decays over time. I have no problem with that, as it speaks for itself through laws of energy conservation, but I want to see this from a...
  2. Jayalk97

    Quick question about linearization using the small angle method

    Hey guys, when you're linearizing a function that has a constant, what do you do to it? An example would be y = x^2 + 3, would you just linearize it using its derivative and get rid of the constant?
  3. Jayalk97

    Linearizing a system of equations?

    Homework Statement So these are the equations of motion for a quad-copter. I am supposed to create a MATLAB model for the z-axis. In order to do this I have to linearize the equations around these points, and arrange them in state space representation. Homework Equations As above The...
  4. Abdul Wali

    How to choose the sampling time for the delay unit

    hi, i am designing a fuzzy logic controller, i need to use a delay block for the change in error signal now i don't know that based on what factors should i choose the sampling time for this unit
  5. Abdul Wali

    Time Delay Margin: Good Large or Small?

    I have a question regarding the time delay margin. I know the definition of time delay margin now I want to know that for the stability of the system is it good to have large time delay margin or small time delay margin?
  6. O

    Suggestions for a Power System Analysis book?

    Hi, I want a book about power system analysis that I can have laying around and read from time to time. I have taken a course in power system analysis some time ago, where I was taught simple fault analysis including unbalanced faults, frequency and voltage control. So to maintain this...
  7. ESMAT 1995

    Lumped system analysis in transient heat conduction

    Homework Statement so, i had this question where i had a sphere and a cylinder with given dimensions and propreties ( roh, C and k) he also gave me initial temperatures, then both of them dipped in a bath of water of given temperature but unknown h ( convective coefficient) then he gave me the...
  8. F

    How Do You Calculate Current in a Three-Phase System's Middle Capacitor?

    Homework Statement In the following three phase system, calculate the current in the middle capacitor: Homework Equations I = V/Z ZY = ZΔ / 3 The Attempt at a Solution Hello! I'm trying to figure out a method for solving any generic three phase system. In particular, I found very...
  9. C

    System Analysis - Determining Dampening and Natural Frequency

    Homework Statement Problem and work attached. It is mostly diagrams so I have just uploaded the pictures. I think what I did to determine the transfer function was correct. I'm not quite sure how to do the last section of part (a) where I need to determine the dampening, static gain, and...
  10. C

    System Analysis - Simplifying with Transfer Functions

    Homework Statement Sorry for the pictures, I'd normally write out the problem but it is mostly diagrams. Question and work attached. I am looking for help with part (a) right now, the transfer function I obtain is shown at the end of my work. Homework Equations Knowledge of Laplace transforms...
  11. Q

    Solution to Coupled Second Order ODE's

    Homework Statement [/B] I'm trying to 'solve' two coupled second order ODE's with the intent of putting them in state space. My specific problem is more complex and includes additional equations which are irrelevant. Essentially I can solve the problem if I know the solution to this. x1 and...
  12. Vorrawit

    System analysis of a centrifuge

    Homework Statement Initial training involves a slow onset rate (1 g/s) run up to a maximum of 9 g’s. After these initial runs, a rapid onset rate (ROR) of 6 g/s is typically performed; this is for high performance fighters. Finally, a Tactical Aircraft Combat Maneuver (TACM) may be performed...
  13. C

    Power system analysis, per unit system help

    Homework Statement https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/88040310/powerhw3.png 1. Draw the reactance diagram. 2. Calculate the per unit impedances 3. If bms #1 is operating at 30 kV, find the current Assume base of 100 MVA, 300 kV on the generator side. Homework Equations P = VI s = p +jq...
  14. Gh. Soleimani

    System Analysis of Collisions and Angular Momentum

    Consider a particle with velocity "v" has the collision with a rotating disc. How can I analyze the final angular velocity this system? If the mass of particle is very negligible related to the mass of rotating disc, definitely particle will turn back after collision. In this case, how can I...
  15. G

    Buck dc-dc Converter w/Control System Analysis

    Homework Statement I'm given the following circuit http://imageshack.com/a/img850/8576/b3ny.png and given L, V_{in}, D, P_{o}, f_{s} and q(t). How do I go about finding T_{s}, V_{a}, i_{L}, i_{L} ripple, and I_{o}. Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution I'm honestly not sure how to...
  16. C

    Refrigeration System Analysis

    Homework Statement Refrigeration system operates off Ref-134a. The refrigerant enters the compressor at 100kPa and -20C at a rate of 0.5 m^3/min, and leaves at 0.8MPa. The isentropic efficiency of the compressor is 78%. The refrigerant enters the throttling valve at 0.75MPa and 26C. It...
  17. Z

    Dynamical System Analysis using Mathematica

    Hello there, Let me start from the beginning. I have dynamical system described by two autonomous ODEs (eqn1, eqn2). To find equilibrium points I used NSolve[{eqn1 == 0, eqn2 == 0}, {x, y}] which gave me 5 solutions in a form {{x->2, y->0},{...},...}. I also constructed Jacobian matrix using...
  18. 2

    Thermo: Compressor-flowing system analysis

    Thermo: Compressor--flowing system analysis Homework Statement A compressor takes 90 kg/min of helium at 120 kPa and 310 K and compresses it to 700 kPa and 430K. A heat loss of 20 kJ/kg of helium flowing is noted. Determine: (a) the work required by the compressor (kJ/kg), and (b)...
  19. A

    Help for power system analysis software

    i am looking for full version of: 1) etap 7.50 software 2) mi power software can anyone help me? my hunting in google jungle makes me crazy
  20. A

    Exploring System Analysis, S.D.L.C, A.T.M & Assembler

    what is S.D.L.C ? what is A.T.M ? who is an assembler ? system analysis is what ?