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Suggestions for a Power System Analysis book?

  1. May 31, 2017 #1

    I want a book about power system analysis that I can have laying around and read from time to time. I have taken a course in power system analysis some time ago, where I was taught simple fault analysis including unbalanced faults, frequency and voltage control.

    So to maintain this knowledge, perhaps understand it better and learn more, I want a good book that I can refer to. I was looking at this book Power System Analysis and Design by J. Duncan Glover, Thomas Overbye, Mulukutla S. Sarma (https://www.amazon.com/System-Analy...1-2&keywords=power+system+analysis+and+design)

    It seems to cover a lot of what I've learned in my power system course. If you have any better suggestions please let me know.

    Best regards
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    jim hardy

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    I never took that course, and regret not having done so.

    This author was teaching AC circuit analysis and electric machinery as a grad student when i went through school, late 1960's.

    He was hands down the best explainer of things electrical that i encountered. He got me interested in machinery and three phase. .

    Ask around, see if anybody else has an opinion of the book.
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    Yikes! Did you see the price on that? Try an ISBN search in a book search engine. I've found this one to be useful:
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    jim hardy

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  6. Jun 2, 2017 #5
    I've gotten some good help from
    Electric Energy Systems Theory: An Introduction
    by O.I. Elgerd, McGraw-Hill, 1971
    In the front, he quotes his motto: Think MKS. In that comment, he is dead on. Electromagnetic calcs in US Customary units are an absolute nightmare!
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    In our final year we used Power System Analysis by Haadi Saadat. I hope it will perfectly suit your needs. The books provide solved examples and codes for MATLAB as well.
  8. Jun 3, 2017 #7
    Thanks all.
    I ordered used copies of the books suggested by jim hardy and Dr.D. I dont expect good conditions, but they were so cheap so I'll wait and see. If I like them I can buy them in better condition later.

    The book suggested by Electrical also seems like a good choice, I will take a look at that and see what I do when I receive the two books I just ordered.
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