What is Transient analysis: Definition and 25 Discussions

A system is said to be transient or in a transient state when a process variable or variables have been changed and the system has not yet reached a steady state.The time taken for the circuit to change from one steady state to another steady state is called the transient time.

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  1. A

    Engineering Derive the governing equation for the voltage Vc across the capacitor

    I was thinking about doing KVL around the circuit at the right but I noticed when the switch opens, the current through the circuit at the right is not the same throughout -5 + Ic*2*1-^3 + Ic*10^3 = -Vc Ic is not the same around the right circuit so I am stuck....
  2. okara61

    A Coil excitation adjustment on 3D Ansys Maxwell transient analysis

    Hi. I am making a 3D Ansys Maxwell project to design DC electromagnet. My model as in attached pictures. I have couple of questions. 1- How important the width value of sheet of coil terminal? Altough I did not change number of conductors and current of coil, changing the width of sheet of the...
  3. D

    Engineering Question - Calculating Coefficients for 2nd Order Transient Analysis

    Hello everyone, I am struggling with calculating the coefficients for second order transient analysis. For example, when analyzing a underdamped circuit, we know that the equation for voltage or current is xt=e-αt(K1cos(sqrt(ω2-α2)t ) + K2sin(sqrt(ω2-α2)t)). Then in order to determine for...
  4. M

    Engineering Transient circuit analysis problem with a dependent source

    Hi all, I tried to solve this, but I can't find the R(equal). I use the following method. The circuit: For t<0 the switch is closed so the iL(0-)=4 A For t>0 it opens and the iL(∞)=0 A Now, I want to find the value τ=L/R(equal) Then I will use the: iL(t) = iL(∞) + ( iL(0-) - iL(∞) )* (...
  5. A

    Ansys Maxwell Simulation - Evaluation of Eddy currents in a Vessel

    Hi, guys, I am developing a simulation in Ansys Maxwell. I set up my simulation in the "transient mode", and I would like to evaluate the eddy currents that arise in a metal Vessel. The currents rise to a flat top in 20 ms and then after 20 ms in the flat top, it decreases to zero in 20 ms. I...
  6. MaxR2018

    Engineering RLC circuit solved with Laplace transformation

    Hi, i need some help here. Can you help me?:sorry: Here is the problem. Exercise statement: The switch have been closed for a long time y is opened at t=0. Using Laplace's transtormation calculate V0(t) for t ≥ 0 This is what i made to solve it: 1) I know while the switch is closed, the...
  7. Jayalk97

    Engineering Underdamped Parallel RLC Circuit

    Hey guys, so I'm having trouble with this circuit analysis question. I need to find voltage across the capacitor as a function of time. I nearly finished analyzing but I'm having trouble solving for the initial value constants in the voltage equation. So first I used KCL to create the equation...
  8. Abdullah Kacar

    APDL - Transient Structural - Exporting stresses over time

    I'm writing my master thesis and need to export forces over time in Transient analysis. I tried using the force reaction but it shows the result as zero. BTW I'm not trying to get the forces from the nodes which is supported, with these i get results. But with the nodes with no support i get...
  9. S

    Ansys workbench transient analysis

    Hello i have a cyclinder that i want to apply pressure to. The pressure starts from a higher value and then drops as time progresses. Can someone tell me how to apply pressure based on time in ansys workbench?
  10. D

    Engineering Laplace tranforms, transient current series CR circuit

    Homework Statement A step voltage of 120v is applied to a series CR circuit. R = 20KΩ, C = 4µF 1. Deduce, using Kirchoff's voltage law and Laplace Transforms, an expression for the transient circuit current. 2. Using the equation obtained in 1. deduce the equations for the transient voltages...
  11. B

    Solidworks thermal simulation: is this logical?

    I just ran 2 simulations on Solidworks, same assembly, same initial conditions on all pieces, pretty much I "Cloned" the thermal study and just changed one piece So, from the assembly above you can see the materials for most pieces, the 2 grey pieces in the center are 2 aluminum plates with a...
  12. J

    Solving a Series RLC Transient Analysis Problem

    Let's say we have a free-source series RLC circuit. The differential equation that describes the behavior of the transient is given by Ri+L\frac{di}{dt}+V=0, where V is the potential difference across the capacitor. But I have trouble understanding the way this equation is developed. For...
  13. S

    Engineering Waveform of R,L,C in DC circuit

    Homework Statement Draw a time-depended waveform of all components in DC RLC circuit. R=4*1,412 L=1,6 mH C=0,2 mF Udc=15 V Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution DoCircuit simulator I am a bit confussed with this homework because I am aware that capacitor do not conduct a current in DC...
  14. ranju

    Solving Transient Analysis Homework Problem

    Homework Statement In the given circuit (voltage source is V) , we have to find initial and final values of current and also di(0+)/dt , di2)0+)/dt , d2i1(0+)/dt2 . Now , by intial and values of currents , does they mean i(0-) and i(0+) or the discharging or charging current?? nd how to form...
  15. J

    Engineering Transient Analysis of an RLC Circuit

    Homework Statement For a series circuit with the following components: 1. Vin(t) 2. 1K resistor 3. 100 mH Inductor 4. 1 uF capacitor 1. Write down the differential eqn. for Vc in the circuit. 2. Solve the DE, calculate the natural and forced response with the following initial...
  16. A

    Laplace transforms for the transient analysis of networks

    Homework Statement Use Laplace transforms to derive an expression for the current flowing in the circuit shown in the figure, given that i = 0 when t=0 Homework Equations Expression for the current in an LR series circuit I(t) = V / R (1-e-Rt/L) V - Volts (6V) R - Ohms (10Ω) L...
  17. A

    Laplace transforms for transient analysis

    Homework Statement A capacitor of 0.1 F and a resistor of 5 Ω are connected in series; the combination is applied to a step voltage of 20V. Determine the expression for the: (a) current that flows in the circuit and (b) the voltage across the capacitor in time domain. Homework Equations...
  18. D

    Engineering Multisim Transient Analysis for LC parallell circuit

    Homework Statement The main problem is that I need help using Multisim for transient analysis of a simple LC parallell circuit. I am doing something wrong. C= 3*10^-5 F L= 3*10^-3 H The Capacitor is charged to 10V What happens to the energy of the capacitor when we connect it in...
  19. T

    Solving Transient Analysis RC: Find Capacitance for 200V, 20V, 2V

    1. The problem statement: What is the value of capacitance needed in Fig. 1 so that the voltage across the capacitor never exceeds (a) 200 V, (b) 20 V, and (c) 2 V ? This is the Circuit Homework Equations Vc(0-) = 0V Vc(0+) = 150V ic = c v' vc(t) = final + [initial -...
  20. S

    Transient analysis in heat transfer

    Hi All, I'd be grateful if helped in this understanding; I'm following the attached pages to solve a numerical problem by Forward difference, backward difference and central difference- in fact to be precise, deriving the transient solution approach to a heat transfer problem--- In the...
  21. M

    Transient analysis (RC) question problem

    hello friends... i am having following problem in this question. first i don't understand how they have calculated R equivalent=5/6.i think its value should be 25Kohms. will it be different at 1ms and 4ms or same ?\\ i shall be thanks to u . in one picture is the problem n in other...
  22. N

    2D transient analysis for heat conduction

    I need a fem code either in MATLAB or fortran to refer to as I am stuck at some places. Please help.
  23. P

    Solve Transient Analysis Problem: Find I0

    i was trying to solve this question(file attached), but i can only come up with the answer: i assumed iL=0 at t=0, hence arrived at this: IL(t) = 6mA(1 - exp(-100000t)) i can't figure out how Io came about. can someone come it my rescue and tell me how the I0 came into play. Kind...
  24. M

    Explore Alternative Transient Analysis Codes for Neutronic Operations

    At the moment I'n involved with a project that is using the S3K transient analysis code. I was wondering if anyone knows of a different code that will perform transient neutronic operations. Thanks in advance
  25. dav2008

    [Thermodynamics] Transient Analysis of an air-filled tank

    Hey I think I'm missing something fundamental in this problem. The problem reads: a 1 m3 tank initially contains air at 300 kPa, 300K. The air slowly escapes until the pressure drops to 100 kPa, via a process where pv1.2=constant (v being specific volume) Find the heat transfer for a...