What is Tv series: Definition and 15 Discussions

A television show – or simply TV show – is any content produced for viewing on a television set which can be broadcast via over-the-air, satellite, or cable, excluding breaking news, advertisements, or trailers that are typically placed between shows. Television shows are most often scheduled for broadcast well ahead of time and appear on electronic guides or other TV listings, but streaming services often make them available for viewing anytime. The content in a television show can be produced with different methodologies such as taped variety shows emanating from a television studio stage, animation or a variety of film productions ranging from movies to series. Shows not produced on a television studio stage are usually contracted or licensed to be made by appropriate production companies.
Television shows can be viewed live (real time), be recorded on home video, a digital video recorder for later viewing, be viewed on demand via a set-top box, or streamed over the internet.
A television show is also called a television program (British English: programme), especially if it lacks a narrative structure.
In the US and Canada, a television series is usually released in episodes that follow a narrative and are usually divided into seasons. In the UK, a television series is a yearly or semiannual set of new episodes. (In effect, a "series" in the UK is the same as a "season" in the US and Canada.)
A small collection of episodes may also be called a limited series or miniseries. A one-off collection of episodes may be called a "'TV special"' or limited series. A motion picture (also known as a movie) for television is initially broadcast as such rather than direct-to-video or on the traditional big screen.

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  1. DennisN

    3 Body Problem (upcoming TV series)

    I just saw this trailer and got a bit excited :smile:. It is an upcoming tv series based on a novel I had never heard about, and I have no idea about the plot. But there is some Contact feeling in it, and it also seems there is a voiceover of Carl Sagan in the trailer. According to the trailer...
  2. S

    Sicilian coffee in the "Inspector Montalbano" TV series

    In the "Inspector Montalbano" TV Series, the characters often drink coffee in small cups and it is poured from a small silver colored container. I've read on the internet that typical Sicilian coffee is expresso. Is the series consistent with that? Do homes in Sicily usually have expresso...
  3. adimauro

    Overload of positrons joke from Eureka

    I was recently re-watching the show Eureka, and in this one episode, S04 E02 - A New World, they make an inside physics joke but never explain it. Their robot went haywire and analyzed it to see what the problem was. Fargo [to Jack]: I got the scans back on Tiny, you got to see this, it's...
  4. DennisN

    The Mandalorian (upcoming Star Wars tv series, 2019)

    Since there are many Star Wars and SF fans on PF, I wanted to share some info about the upcoming Star Wars tv series The Mandalorian, scheduled to premiere November 12, 2019. Minor spoilers below (info about setting and background): As far as I know there has not been any teaser or trailer...
  5. A

    Odd Question -- creating English subtitles for an Italian TV Series for deaf and hard of hearing

    Hi Everyone, I am currently working on a project where I am creating English subtitles for an Italian TV Series, for deaf and hard of hearing. There is one particular line I am struggling to hear and it is where one of the characters is talking about a type of physics. I wondered if anyone...
  6. W

    Looking for a good sci-fi movie to watch

    I'm actually running out of sci-fi movies to watch. I like sci-fi movies that keep their feet on the ground with science, don't mash much with fantasy (wizards, etc...) and at the same time spur "What If..." thought or make you pause and hop to the web to look something up. for example: Flat...
  7. M

    Physics Problems on Flash Tv Series

    Hello, i am not sure where to discuss it but here maybe proper for this thread. I just want to discuss about DC's Tv show Flash and physics on it like singularity or parallel universes?
  8. Dominic Santini

    Is 'Airwolf' possible with our current technology? (Supersonic Helicopter)

    Airwolf (from the T.V show Airwolf) is a Mach 1+ helicopter capable of reaching speeds up to Mach 2. For it's time, it's weapons system was pretty farfetched (had fourteen weapons systems overall, including chaffe and flares) at it's time. I'm well aware of the limits of regular helicopters'...
  9. berkeman

    New Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey 2014 TV Series

    Looks like the new Cosmos TV series is about to start. We'd like to keep discussions about the series in a single thread, so feel free to post your thoughts and reactions and questions in this thread. I really enjoyed the original Cosmos TV series with Carl Sagan. It was a bit over-done at...
  10. T

    A fatal chemical Reaction for TV Series

    I am currently in the process of re-writing an episode for a Science Fiction television series. I have two problems. A scene at a Japanese Naval Base where I need to inflict mass casualty thru a chemical reaction that will affect only the area of the naval base itself, and wipe out all the...
  11. Integral

    Great TV series: Prophets of Science Fiction

    Runs on the Science channel. Did you know that HG Wells wrote a novel about our modern atomic bomb in 1914. He inspired Szilard to investigate the possibilities. HG Wells has to be seen as the grandfather of the atomic bomb. The World Set Free
  12. K

    TV series and competition puzzle

    In this season's "Dancing with the Celebs" TV series, Harry and nine other famous personalities paired with professional dancers to try to claim this year's title. Each week, one of the celebrities--who are in different entertainment and media fields, with one a stand-up comic--is sent home...
  13. M

    NUMB3RS S3E40: Curvelet Analysis - Real Math?

    Hi, i watched episod 40, season 3 , 'provenance' , some math was used going by the name ' curvelet analysis ' is this math real & if it is, anyone with links to info on this? Wikipedia seems to lack an article on it
  14. Ivan Seeking

    Best episode of a TV series

    The X-Files came up in another thread. The XF Christmas special with Ed Asner and Lily Tomlin came to mind right away, so I guess I would have to list it among my favorite episodes. A tongue-n-cheek take on Tomlin and Asner as ghosts [previously married] who convince Mulder and Skully to shoot...
  15. Kerrie

    Lost TV Series: Who's Your Fave Character?

    Anyone else indulge in this show? I didn't watch the first season much, but the second season has me gripped! Who's your favorite character? I like Jack :biggrin: