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Physics Problems on Flash Tv Series

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    Hello, i am not sure where to discuss it but here maybe proper for this thread. I just want to discuss about DC's Tv show Flash and physics on it like singularity or paralel universes?
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    I have not seen the show, so I can be wrong, but from experience I can tell you why it won't work.

    Show is based on non-existent physics - that is, it is assumed that something works differently than in the real world. That, in turn, means the discussion sooner or later enters the territory of "what are the laws of physics when the laws of physics don't hold?". And the only valid answer is "in such case physics laws are whatever you want them to be". That's not a scientific discussion.
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    As Borek says, the physics of the show is whatever the writer wants. Typically a writer will violate only a few laws of physics to make the story interesting.

    This is done for two reasons:
    - one is that viewers can accept a few violations but if everything can be changed then there's no fun for the viewer to try to predict the action.
    - two given that you can't change everything to match some story you must choose wisely to not paint your self into a corner storywise.

    As an example, the show Star Trek:
    - faster than light travel because we know that planets orbiting other stars are lightyears away and since they wanted to tell stories about them without the crew aging out they needed a boost of warp speed.
    - used the transporter device because it took too long to get the crew on/off the planet (45 min show) and cost too much to build the necessary set props (although later they had the shuttlecraft)

    In contrast, the Stargate SG-1 show:
    - used the stargate (a kind of dialable intergalactic wormhole network to travel from planet to planet)
    - later used FTL spaceships and other time travel plot extensions to develop new stories

    Here's an article on the Flash and superhero physics:

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    I have found almost no science on the Flash that resembles actual science. The very foundation of his ability relies on something called "The Speed Force" which is apparently sentient. Beyond that, even basic physics are inconsistent in the show. For example in one episode he can move so fast that he can travel back in time and even move through dimensions, but in later episodes he has trouble moving fast enough to jump across a small river. He catches bullets in mid air but for some reason the kinetic energy in those bullets doesn't blow his hand apart ect.

    Then There are situations where a black hole forms and The show teaches us that he can stop the black hole by running around it in the opposite direction of its spin because if the black hole stops spinning then it will go away for some reason.

    these are just a few examples throughout the first and second season. I could go into more but it would involve spoilers. In short the show is ridiculous if you try to apply real physics to it. That being said I have watched both seasons shamelessly. Its fun to watch as long as you put it next to harry potter in your DVD collection.
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