What is Visualisation: Definition and 23 Discussions

Security visualisation is a subject that broadly covers aspects of big data, visualisation, human perception and security. Each day, we are collecting more and more data in the form of log files and it is often meaningless if the data is not analyzed thoroughly. Big data mining techniques like Map Reduce help narrow down the search for meaning in vast data. Data visualisation is a data analytics technique, which is used to engage the human brain into finding patterns in data.
Recognition and cognition of patterns will also lead to the identification of anomalous patterns. Security visualisation helps a security analyst identify imminent vulnerability and attacks in a network. Simple visualisations like bar charts and pie charts are naïve and unintuitive when it comes to big data. Special, customized visual techniques like a choropleth map and hive plot are often desired for effective communication of big data. The book Applied Security Visualisation is an in-depth study of the correlation between Security and Data Visualisation.

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  1. C

    I Ricci notations and visualisation

    I'm having trouble with notations and visualisations regarding Ricci curvature. For Riemann tensor there is variously: ##R^{\rho}\text{ }_{\sigma\mu\nu}\text{ }X^{\mu}Y^{\nu}V^{\sigma}\partial_{\rho}## ##[\nabla _{X},\nabla _{Y}]V## ##R(XY)V\mapsto Z## ##\left\langle R(XY)V,Z...
  2. C

    I Visualising Torsion Tensor: Is There a Picture?

    As I understand it, parallel transport of a vector around a closed loop on a manifold can lead (in the tangent space) to 1) an angular change, given by the Riemann curvature tensor or, 2) a translational defect given by the Torsion tensor. I can see how the looping on the curvature of a 2D...
  3. D

    I How can Euler angles be visualized using a polar plot?

    Dear Forum, say I am projecting an ellipsoid along the z-axis to the xy-Plane. The resulting ellipsis is rotated around the z-axis by the angle gamma until the principal axes coincide with the x- and y axis. Now before projecting, I rotate the ellipsoid first around the z- and then around the...
  4. E

    Final year University Project, Music Visualisation question

    Hi there. I start my final year of my computer science degree this September and, alongside other modules, will do an independent final year project. I have not had very much CS experience outside my degree so I am a bit unsure what would be feasible for me while not being too trivial such that...
  5. T

    I Visualisation in math and physics

    Hello. Do physicists and mathematicians visualise math formulas or specialised math or physics words? Words like metric space, Lindelof space, metrizable space, Gamma function, harmonic function, mathematical limits, series, power series, Laurent series, phase space, symplectic space...
  6. AndreasC

    Help with 3-D interactive QM visualisation of a hydrogen atom

    First of all, I got to decide what I'm going to use to make the simulation. I know Fortran, Matlab etc but I'm pretty sure these won't help me much. I learned some C++ a couple years ago but my knowledge is rusty, however I think I'm going to use that combined with Unreal Engine, since it makes...
  7. Cantor080

    Artistic sense-ualisation of elementary origins of the Universe

    I am searching sources, which would express purely (without any other expression on how the data was obtained, etc.) elementary origins of the universe. As we would have certain artistic visualisation on how our Mars rover would operate on landing on mars, are there sources which give data on...
  8. qnach

    Nearest neighbour, nnn....etc. of an atom in a crystal

    There are some software can provide visualization of crystal or protein structure, i.e. VESTA. I want to know how many atoms is the nearest neightbour (and their distance), and the next nearest neighbour...etc of a particular atom. Is there any software (or perhaps some data book?) can do this?
  9. L

    I Converting Planck data for spherical projection

    Does anyone know how I could convert data from Planck, which appear as an oval shape, into a form that I can easily map onto a sphere (ie. a rectangular shape in 2:1 aspect ratio)? Here is an example Planck image: http://sci.esa.int/science-e-media/img/61/Planck_CMB_Mollweide_4k.jpg I see that...
  10. A

    What sparked my interest in gravity, space, and technology: A personal journey

    Hi i have an interest in gravity, space, and general developments. Background in in Telecoms and IT to management level. I Operate out of own business providing information solutions of various kinds from data collection, processing to visualisation. I always had an interest in electronics as a...
  11. R

    I Crum's shell effect - visualisation needed

    When a bubble in liquid expands or contracts it can be seen as having a liquid shell that gets larger on expansion and smaller on compression. The idea of diffusion is what I am struggling with, if the bubble was getting bigger and the liquid shell contracts then surely it would become more...
  12. Greg Bernhardt

    Visualisation of every paper on the arXiv

    A map of 865,906 scientific papers from the arXiv Click here for the big map http://paperscape.org/
  13. O

    Balloon Analogy with different visualisation

    I have no formal training in this field. What I do know I have garnered from reading various publications or watching videos. I understand that the balloon analogy isn't popular, partly because once you say balloon people have trouble not thinking about a balloon. What I intend here is to lay...
  14. E

    Lagrangian visualisation and Uncertainty Principle

    Probably, the essence of quantum theory (QT) is principle of uncertainty (HUP). The essence of QT is also the fact that Fourier transformation of wave function in phase(?) space gives wave function in momentum space. If one wave function is Gaussian (and so both ones) this gives HUP. Very...
  15. O

    Understanding Gluon Octet Mixing: Calculating Probabilities and Color Charges

    Hi, it's my first post :) I've been working on a learning app about subatomic particles for some time, and now we'd need to represent gluons. I want to do this correctly by representing the eight possible gluons in the octet, but don't really know how to read the name of a gluon. I know...
  16. C

    Visualisation in Quantum mechanics

    A particle in the ground state of a potential well can only gain energy by making a transition to one of the higher allowed energy levels. Let's consider this well to be a 1 dimensional infinite potential well with the electron bouncing between the walls of the well with certain discrete...
  17. Y

    Visualisation of Brian Greene's concept.

    I thought it would be interesting to do a visualisation of Brian Greene's concept that "everything moves at the speed of light". For a preamble see this old thread https://www.physicsforums.com/showthread.php?t=398590 First I should warn that speed or velocity is not defined in the conventional...
  18. A

    Software for fluid visualisation

    hi, I'm lookin for some good computer package for fluid motion simulations. i'v come across Fluent and OpenFOAM. is there any other good program that i should work on?! i'm a kind of new to this. so some basic program will do it for me. is there anyway i can work it out from CATIA...
  19. U

    Visualisation of H2 molecule wavefuctions needed

    Here are some examples of wavefunction visualisations: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/c/cf/HAtomOrbitals.png I need the wavefunctions of the H2 molecule at 0 K, ie what the orbitals look like, whether they change with time, etc. Does anyone know the equations? Does...
  20. H

    Analemma Visualisation: 3D Graphics & Visualisations

    Recently I read about http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Analemma" on the internet but I cannot visualise their formation depending upon the causative factors such as obliquity, eccentricity, and the angle between the apse line and the line of solstices. I wanted to know if someone knows about 3D...
  21. L

    Help Visualisation and Stats for a Determinist

    Hello, I am a new user here. Before I go any further I would like to say "hi" to all members. Now on with the post (and I hope I have chosen the right forum). I am a bit of a philospoher and am a "determinist" ie. believe that my actions and thoughts etc are basically a product of the forces...
  22. Z

    Can Someone Really Visualize in the 4th Dimension?

    I'm sorry if this is the wrong place for this, I havn't been here in a while, and I was neevr really active, but I don't really know where else to ask about this so here goes: A friend of mine claims she can visualise in the 4th and 5th spatial dimensions. I've read some books by Michio Kaku...
  23. S

    How Does Relativity Affect Information Exchange Between Moving Observers?

    Hi, This is a question to which I haven't found an answer anywhere, so I'm probably seeing this wrong but I can't seem to figure it out. I realize time is warped relative to speed, what I don't understand is the following: -Considering 2 people, A and B. Let us say that A is stationary and B...