1. Cantor080

    Artistic sense-ualisation of elementary origins of the Universe

    I am searching sources, which would express purely (without any other expression on how the data was obtained, etc.) elementary origins of the universe. As we would have certain artistic visualisation on how our mars rover would operate on landing on mars, are there sources which give data on...
  2. Q

    Nearest neighbour, nnn...etc. of an atom in a crystal

    There are some software can provide visualization of crystal or protein structure, i.e. VESTA. I want to know how many atoms is the nearest neightbour (and their distance), and the next nearest neighbour....etc of a particular atom. Is there any software (or perhaps some data book?) can do this?
  3. L

    I Converting Planck data for spherical projection

    Does anyone know how I could convert data from Planck, which appear as an oval shape, into a form that I can easily map onto a sphere (ie. a rectangular shape in 2:1 aspect ratio)? Here is an example Planck image: I see that...
  4. A

    Andrew Binns intro

    Hi i have an interest in gravity, space, and general developments. Background in in Telecoms and IT to management level. I Operate out of own business providing information solutions of various kinds from data collection, processing to visualisation. I always had an interest in electronics as a...