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  1. L

    I Estimate of ground state energy for the Yukawa potential

    I’ve seen the uncertainty principle used to calculate the ground state energy for things like hydrogen and the harmonic oscillator, but can this be done for the Yukawa potential where you have an exponential?
  2. Phi6er

    A What is the value of the pion-nucleon coupling constant?

    Links for context: 1. 2. I'm working on my BSc right now and I'm solving the energies of 2 nucleon systems (so basically just deuteron) by treating them as non-relativistic two...
  3. Warda Anis

    Perturbation for Yukawa Potential

    Homework Statement The photon is normally assumed to have zero rest mass. If the photon did have a tiny mass, this would alter the potential energy the electron feels in the hydrogen atom (due to the Coulomb interaction with the proton). The potential then becomes yukawa potential...
  4. N

    Angular momentum & Energy using Yukawa's potential

    Hello there! I was doing my Gravitation problems and I found this problem that I'm unable to solve. Yukawa's theory for nuclear forces states that the potential energy corresponding to the attraction force produced by a proton and a neutron is: U(r) = \frac{k}{r}e^{-\alpha r},\ k<0,\ \alpha > 0...
  5. U

    Yukawa potential and the Klein Gordon

    Homework Statement a)Show that the yukawa potential is a valid static-field euation b)Show this solution also works Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution Part (a) Using the relation given, I got LHS = \frac{e^{-\mu r}}{r} \left[ (m^2 - \mu^2) - \frac{2\mu}{r} - \frac{2}{r^2}...