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1.5 Gigapixel image of Machu Picchu

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    Well, that was stitched together out of 404 individual frames from a Canon 10D, so even if you had taken the photos, ZZ's "no Photoshopping" rule could be a bit of a problem. Awesome result, though. The Canon 100-400 lens has image stabilization and people are getting some fantastic results with it. Check this guy's photos (especially the action shots of raptors!) He goes by the name of Nighthound on the ODS site and he is a very talented photographer.

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    That is very nice, I'm waiting for the day Google Earth type programs get resolution like this, now that would be fun :smile:
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    Since he took over an hour to take the frames, and tourists tend to wander, some of the people in the pictures should appear multiple times. It makes me kind of nauseous to pan the image, though, so I gave up on that project.
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    Chi Meson

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    Ha ha! see the guy taking a whizz in the corner?
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