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100um Core MM Fiber connected to 50um Core 10G SFP Module

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    I have two systems that are approx. 300-400ft apart that I am connecting via a 10 Gig fiber connection. The fiber I am using is a 100um core MM fiber and the switches will be using a 50um core OM4 (4700 MHz*km) SFP module. Is there a way to find out what type of loss I should be expecting, is there a way to minimize any loss? Unfortunately there is no option to use any different type of fiber.
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    This doesn't look good to me, two major issues:

    1 - 100um graded index fiber has a modal BW in the neighborhood of 200MHz-Km (maybe worse, do you have its specs?). You are trying to reach up to 122m, so your bandwidth will be about 1.6GHz.
    10GBE requires 6-7GHz of bandwidth.

    2 - You will have difficulty at the receiving end coupling 100um core fiber into 50um ROSA. May not work at any distance.

    If you really can't change the fiber, you may have to settle for 1GBE.

    On the other hand, how hard can it be to replace 400 feet of cable with something more modern? Perhaps someone is putting their foot down saying it can't be done but you may need to consider the cost of hiring a crew to patch up holes in drywall vs. spending the foreseeable future with limited bandwidth.
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    Thank you the_emi_guy!

    It's specialty fiber and the run is through an industrial environment, so that is why we can't replace it. I was trying to re-purpose the fiber so that we could get a 10gig connection. I'm trying to track down the actual specs.
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