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Lasers is the third studio album by American rapper Lupe Fiasco, released on March 7, 2011 by Atlantic Records. Production for the album took place between 2008 and 2010. Lasers features production by The Audibles, The Neptunes, Needlz, Alex da Kid, Syience, and long-time collaborator Soundtrakk, among others. Trey Songz, John Legend, Skylar Grey, Sway, Matt Mahaffey, MDMA, Eric Turner and Sarah Green contribute vocals to the album.
Lasers was preceded by the lead single "The Show Goes On" and its follow-up "Words I Never Said" featuring Skylar Grey. The former became Fiasco's highest charting song on the Billboard Hot 100 and has been certified double Platinum in the US. The latter, however, only achieved moderate success on the Hot 100.
The album has received "mixed reviews" from most major music critics, having a score of 57 out of 100 at the review aggregator Metacritic. It fared well commercially however, debuting at number one on the US Billboard 200 with first-week sales of over 200,000 copies sold, making the album Fiasco's second top ten album as well as his highest entry on the chart.

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  1. dedesperado

    Dangerous Area of a Hair Removal Laser

    From what distance does the diffuse radiation of a „hair removal laser“ cease to be a threat? I apologize for the peculiar question, but I'm curious about the following matter: I walked past the window of a hair removal studio about 50 meters away earlier, and I noticed repeated bright red...
  2. Daniel Petka

    I How does a band pass filter increase the time of arrival of photons?

    Here is my thought experiment: Let's say I attenuate a very short laser pulse to single photon intensity. Due to the uncertainty principle, I know the time of arrival of the photons, but not their energy. So let's reverse that by splitting the pulse in its spectral components with a diffraction...
  3. pallab

    Frequency stabilized solid state lasers for coherent optical communication

    I am looking for the thesis Frequency stabilized solid-state lasers for coherent optical Communications by Day, Timothy. I am working with laser stabilization so can anyone share this thesis? I am trying to understand the basic of this topic. This thesis is suggested by others but failed to get...
  4. M

    Optics for High Resolution Laser Imaging: Finding the Best Path

    Objectives: - best path for optics needed to focus and "draw"/project a high resolution image onto a workspace around 500mm square (for a Laser Direct Imaging machine) - where to cost effectively purchase or make the optics necessary to build a prototype The problem: I need to project a high...
  5. redirmigician

    I Can surface plasmons be used to build GeV gamma-ray lasers?

    I read a paper about coherent surface plasmon amplification by free electron pumping in an article a few days ago. It seems to work as some kind of free electron laser-like light source, and I wonder how high the energy of photons can go in this way. Also I read in another paper about...
  6. X

    B Multimode optical fiber, physics beginner help :D

    Hello ! I have a problem understanding how light works in multimode optical fiber. What do I mean in single-mode optical fiber there is single light which contains information. In multimode there can be multiple lights with multiple information. Like here 1st picture contains multiple...
  7. J3J33J333

    I Can you put out a fuse (fire) with a laser?

    I was wondering you if you could use a laser to put out a fuse or to stop combustion? Could you use some form of laser/laser cooling to put out an explosion mid-explosion?
  8. M

    Why aren't UV lasers being used in warfare?

    I've often seen it said that hobbyist-grade UV lasers, sold for a few hundred dollars to those brave enough to buy one, cause a serious risk of blindness. In the literature I see reference to eye damage from as little as 5 mJ/cm^2, which seems absurdly easy to attain. And every time I think of...
  9. Melbourne Guy

    Good gas to trace lasers in a vacuum

    I'm excitedly close to the end of proofing my latest novel, and as happens, tweaking of passages occurs. In this instance, a fleet of warships travel together in a collective warp space bubble that has inconsistent gravity, especially around the edges. To facilitate shuttle transfers between...
  10. J

    B How far do photons travel inside common lasers?

    So (wildly simplistically) lasers work by photons being reflected between mirrors gaining energy on each trip through the medium until they break through the mirror on the output end. How many trips does that typically result in? 10s, millions? And thus the total distance is that count * the...
  11. jk22

    Can holographic displays be adapted for use in a 3D display with lasers?

    Is the following realizable : We suppose two non visible lasers whose direction and phase could be changed very quickly. The energy of just one laser would correspond to no possible transition in the atomic spectra of the molecules present in the atmosphere of the room. However if both...
  12. B

    Quantum Books on Practical Laser Applications: A Guide for Spectroscopy Enthusiasts

    Hello! Can someone point me towards some good books about laser from a practical/experimental perspective (maybe even a review paper). Most books I found spend a lot of time going through derivations and theoretical concepts. I would like to go deeper into that, too, at a point, but for now I...
  13. D

    Semiconductor (Diode) Lasers and Properties

    print ('Calculate threshold, power, slope efficiency for different lengths of SC Laser') g = 510 # The gain of the laser, arbitrary value of 510 m^-1 was picked I = np.linspace(0, 0.03,5) #DRIVE CURRENT; 100 values of current, 'I', between 0A and 0.03AV = 1.8 #INPUT VOLTAGE; arbitrary value of...
  14. DaveE

    Why do people refer to the "fast axis" vs. "slow axis" of Diode Lasers?

    This is really a nomenclature question. The radiation pattern of a typical laser diode has one axis with low divergence (the slow axis) compared to the other (the fast axis). I understand about antenna radiation patterns, spatial Fourier transforms (Fourier optics), etc. So I think I understand...
  15. S

    Aerospace Engineering Graduate Student

    Hello everyone, I am a PhD candidate researching optical diagnostic techniques. I am looking to receive and give help with pulsed laser systems.
  16. JPLphys

    A Minibands and Minigaps in Quantum Cascade lasers

    Summary:: What is the structure and how are minibands and minigaps in QC Lasers implemented Hello everybody, I have a question regarding the miniband and minigaps that are displayed widely in diagrams about the functioning of Quantum Cascade Lasers. How are this mini-gaps established...
  17. M

    I Understanding Lasers: Questions and Answers

    I am sorry if these questions are basics, but I am not sure I totally understand the basics of how a laser works and the books I read are not totally clear for me, so any explanation would be greatly appreciated. So assuming we have a plane mirrors cavity and a gain medium in between, we create...
  18. DariusP

    Medical Varicose vein treatment with fiber lasers

    So I've read that varicose veins can be treated using fibre lasers. First, anesthetics are used locally to numb the limb and also act as an insulator for heat. Then, a small cut is made and a fiber is guided to the vein. Using laser light somehow the vein shrinks. This is what I don't...
  19. T

    Understanding Waveform & Autocorrelation in Pulse Lasers

    So, I was working on autocorrelation for my pulse laser system and I started to wonder what is the difference between single wave with 400nm of wavelength and two 800nm waves overlapped. In the knowledge, I know of, is that wavelength is the length between two picks. And when it is pulse laser...
  20. S

    Modes and Q-factor(s) of a random laser

    Many papers about random lasers mention the Q-factor of random lasers. Since a random laser has multiple peaks close to each other like shown in the figure. Does each of these peaks correspond to a unique random lasing mode, or is it just a single mode? Similarly what is the right way to...
  21. Vajhe

    A Oscillator Model with Eigenfunctions

    Hi, I have been reading the Milonni and Eberly book "Laser": in one of the chapters they discuss the Oscillator Model. The treatment is quite straightforward, the Hamiltonian of the process is H=H0+HI where the first term is the "undisturbed" hamiltonian, and the second one is the interaction...
  22. gibberingmouther

    Lasers Versus a Psychic Force Bubble

    I don't understand how lasers can cut glass since it's permeable to light. Is it because all glass has some imperfections in it? I'm assuming it does *not* work that way but if someone could explain, that would be really helpful. I mean, glass is used to focus lasers so it's odd that lasers...
  23. DariusP

    Why is there a temperature gradient in lasers causing thermal lensing?

    Hello, I wanted to ask about thermal lensing. Thermal lensing is when a temperature gradient from the center of the medium to the outermost part of the medium is created. This causes a varying refractive index throughout the medium. What I want to ask is: Why is the core of the rod(or any other...
  24. R

    Relative eye safety of infrared and ultraviolet lasers

    My question is about the relative eye safety of infrared (##\lambda \gtrsim 1400 \ nm##) and ultraviolet (##\lambda \lesssim 300\ nm##) lasers. Both of these wavelengths are highly absorbed by the pre-retinal water content in the cornea, so they don't really penetrate into the retina. So one...
  25. S

    Is there a way to increase the efficiency of spdc?

    Can a setup be made such that the efficiency of spontaneous parametric downconversion approaches 100%? From what I have been told, this would be possible using classical input fields matching both the pump and output frequencies, but I am unsure if one could simply use laser of both frequencies...
  26. T

    Destructive interference for distance-specific illumination?

    From a practical standpoint, can we combine two (or more) lasers tuned to almost-but-not-quite identical frequencies to create distance-specific illumination? For instance, say we have a 1 micron laser and a 0.9999 micron laser which we combine through some beam-combiner optics. In theory I...
  27. C

    Do Photons Have Mass and How Do They Interact in LASERs?

    Hello, new here with lots of questions and minimal knowledge of physics. If I understand this correctly, when spontaneous emissions take place within a LASERs resonance chamber, they are not of the desired frequency nor are they paired with other coherent photons. So are they still desirable in...
  28. S

    A Semi Classical Explanation of Stimulated Emission

    Can Stimulated Emission in lasers be explained semi classically? If so, how?
  29. Phantoful

    Voltage on a quadrant photodiode used with an AFM

    Homework Statement An AFM uses a quadrant photo-diode to measure the deflection of the laser beam. Sketch the voltage in quadrants A, B, C and D as the tip travels on top of a single carbon nano-tube resting on a flat surface when the AFM is operating on tapping mode. Homework Equations Not...
  30. Physics345

    Describing lasers, their use, and link to science

    Homework Statement Choose a technology such as MP3 players, lasers, medical imaging, or another that interests you. Research the internet and find out how it is related to the physics of light and waves. In approximately 100 to 150 words, write a paragraph explaining the link between our...
  31. J

    Could UV lasers be used to split CO2 and H2O?

    I was wondering whether intense UV light, tuned to the correct wavelength, could be used to split carbon dioxide and water molecules as a first step towards synthesizing liquid fuels.
  32. K

    I Understanding Quantum Cascade Lasers

    Hello I am struggling to understand the concept of Quantum cascade lasers. I am doing research on a 20 period In0.33Ga0.67As (3.1 nm)/Al0.90In0.10As (7.2 nm) superlattice and would like to fully understand how a quantum cascade laser works. I also have not taken quantum mechanics yet so I...
  33. K

    I Beyond LHC, future particle colliders and lasers

    With LHC currently at 13TEV design energy, and a planned higher luminosity upgrade, is the current plan to double the magnet strength for the current existing LHC to arrive at a 28-33TEV collider, or is it building a completely new future 100 TEV collider near Geneva where LHC is housed but in...
  34. J

    Generating Audio Signals from Lasers: Theoretical Possibilities?

    Say you have a red laser and pointed it at a ~175 nm antenna, then amplified the signal into a speaker. Would you then theoretically get a very high frequency audio signal (in the terahertz range, i realize this isn't practical)? My question is really on the nature of the light emitted from...
  35. Evanish

    Question about missile defense systems and lasers

    I was reading a news article about powerful lasers being used in missile defense systems, and I was wondering if multiple weak laser can work together to do the same job as one strong laser. For example can a thousand 1 Kw lasers in different locations be made to point at a single point on a...
  36. Observeraren

    If lasers cross-over, do they "add up"

    Hello, If two lasers cross over, do tehy ionisate each other. If i have sensor in laser measuring ionisation going out etc can it see that laser 2 is crossing over it?
  37. I

    Use of a half wave plate plus polarizer to attenuate lasers?

    The combination of a half-wave plate followed by a polarizer is commonly used as a variable attenuator for polarized lasers. The idea is that the beam enters the half-wave plate, and you rotate the half-wave plate leading to a rotation of the polarization direction of the beam. As the beam is...
  38. Twigg

    I Two-Level Atom Driven by Two Lasers?

    Hey all, I am looking for a reference that derives the optical Bloch equations for a two-level system driven by two near-detuned monochromatic radiation sources. Specifically, I am looking to substantiate a result I derived by following the same procedure as for a two-level atom driven by a...
  39. S

    What is the Connection Between Physics, Computer Science, and Modern Optics?

    I have a b.s. in physics and computer science from Western Washington University. Love the opportunity to be part of the conversation. Love modern optics!
  40. R

    Light beam propulsion without lasers?

    We now have the capability to do laser launch. The problem is the initial cost outlay for the lasers is still prohibitive to launch a sizable payload. The estimate of the payload you can launch to Earth orbit dependent on laser power is about 1 kg per megawatt. So to launch thousand kilo...
  41. M

    The EM Drive: Exploring the Possibilities of Laser Propulsion

    I just had this thought while watching a video about the EM drive...basically using 2 lasers to bounce them off prisms inside an object to push the craft through space at a small but constant acceleration...could someone explain why this would not work?...please see attached image :)
  42. Dovla

    I Defending the Earth from meteors using lasers

    Hello all. I am new here. I have an idea about defending the Earth from meteors using laser beams. I thought about using chemical lasers to burn the meteors. The first phase is that we use gas lasers if possible to create plasma by heating the gas and to use that plasma beam to strike at the...
  43. L

    What is the difference between single-mode and multimode lasers?

    What is a single-mode laser? what is a multimode laser?
  44. A

    Choose a technology such as MP3 plays, lasers....

    Homework Statement Choose a technology such as MP3 players, laser, medical imaging, or another that interests you (Other than the cell phone). Research the internet and find out how it is related to the physics of light and waves. In approximately 100-150 words, write a paragraph explaining...
  45. D

    Extreme Fiber Coupled Laser Diode Power Loss

    What could cause a laser source with fiber coupled laser diodes to have extreme loss of power? The laser diodes have a wavelength of 658nm and have an output rated at 60mW but it seems as though the optical channels actually output ranges between 58 to 70mW. During some troubleshooting I...
  46. H

    B Spectroscopy before tunable lasers?

    how was it done?
  47. F

    I Create black hole with lasers? Physics project

    Hi! We have a projekt at the university and I have been thinking of creating a tiny tiny black hole after I've read some articles. I know one can create an artificial black hole with polarized laser pulses at a block of glass. And then one can measure a lot of things, usually hawkingradiation...
  48. R

    Connecting a Diode: Tips for Li-Ion 18500 Battery

    I've done my background research on this but i want to double check with others since the last time i did this i blew $30 because i shorted my diode. I got a new one but I'm really nervous about starting it up. These are the two parts...
  49. D

    Max Power Output of 60mW: Troubleshooting Solutions

    I have multiple sources that have a max power output of 60mW, I am using a power meter that can read up to 200mW but when I connect directly to the source channel I get approximately 15mW or less. I have tried a different meter and I have tried different sources only to end up with the same...
  50. P

    A Are green lasers Left Circularly Polarized Light?

    I'm getting ready to do some testing, and need to decide which lasers to use . I need both left and right circularly polarized laser light . I was told that green diode lasers, the kind readily commercially available (usually around 200 - 500 mW.) , are LEFT CPL. 1. Is that usually true, and...