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15 x 30-inch motor prototype is expected to produce 600 HP and 5,000 VAC

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    TWM's 15 x 30-inch motor prototype is expected to produce 600 HP and 5,000 VAC -- enough to power a pickup truck. Is this claim really possible? I am not an electrical engineer. Please check the patent attached(link) here.
    US20080143206 http://ip.com/patapp/US20080143206.
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    I have no idea if it's feasible..but note it's a SUPERCONDUCTING design not a conventional room temperature electric motor....
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    Thats actually enough to power two pickup trucks. But yes, I think its feasible. I've seen some nitrogen cooled superconductive machines before that can generate ridiculous amounts of mechanical work in very small packages.
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    Well, and, I've been trying to get my folks and their 4 neighbors to allow the installation of a 12' stirling dish that would supply 80% of their year-round electrical energy needs at a 4.5-year break-even point, but not for just one house-hold. For three.

    They don't get it! Half of them are well-versed in the sciences, but even still, they're not willing to get involved. Some claim, "I don't think our architectural committe would approve," to which I would respond, PHOOEY! We're well beyond the point of where doing what's right is based on whether or not something "looks good."

    And stirling dishes look good, at least the same as the dishes still sitting in their yards from 20 years ago.
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