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1st order Pertubation energy and wavefunction

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    Hi all,

    I must misunderstood somewhere, couldn't figure out the following, any helps will be greatly appreciated.

    The first order correction of the pertubated energy is:

    [itex]\leftψn0\langle[/itex] H'[itex]\rightψn0\rangle[/itex]

    Is the solution of the unpertubated Hamiltonian.

    My question is can ψn0 be the general solution to the Hamiltonian or has to be a specified state vector?


    ψn0= aψ10+bψ20

    Or has to be:


    If it can be the superposition of the eigenstates, then how to construct the first order wave function?
    Thanks in advance:)
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    The correction is calculated for a particular eigenvector of the Hamiltonian and not for a superposition of several eigenvectors.
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    Thank you so much!
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