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2 slit trouble with vapor trails

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    This seems to be worth doing, but maybe I don't understand vapor trails.
    Is it possible to get a two slit interference pattern from a particle that makes a vapor trail? If so could you get the interference pattern and then change the conditions inside the chamber so that a vapor trail was present. Would the interference pattern disappear?
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    I am sorry

    I am sorry, but I missed the day they did the two slit experiment in the cloud chamber. Does anyone know what happened?
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    I don't know if this experiment has been done, but I know that in the ordinary Feynman double-slit experiment with electrons they have to create a vacuum between the electron gun and the screen; presumably interactions with the air molecules would destroy the interference pattern, and I'm confident this would be the case if a cloud chamber was used, since the trail would allow one to see which slit the particle went through.
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    The air molecules mess up the interference pattern. That is almost too simple. Thanks.
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