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2nd BS versus MS versus ? Options?

  1. Apr 25, 2013 #1

    I am posting b/c I'm not sure where to ask this question.

    My question is - I want to go back to school to learn programming, SW design and U/X. I want to study system architecture or comp sys engineering. My first bachelors was in mechanical engineering, but my undergraduate record was not strong - I changed my major several times and finished with a 2.5 GPA.

    Now I have a question. Since my BS track record was so poor and I have limited computer experience beyond CAD work and an IT background, should I get a second BS? I have done some prelim research and have learned tht there is very stringent / no funding or loans for a 2nd BS if you are not currently enrolled as a student - you can only get aid for graduate work. But since my record is so bad I won't get admitted to a master's program.

    I was wondering if I should get the experience I need to switch gears from:

    1) Trying to get into grad school (... and probably failing)

    2) Trying to get into a BS program

    3) Taking some coursework via DeVry or UofPhoenix or some community college work (would be lower level but at least I could get some experience and pursue some professional coding / design work on the side)

    I know I will have to get some work out of the way and learn more before continuing and I will have issues with funding regardless of what route I take - I was just wondering if there were any 2nd degree (post-graduating w/ the first) holders out there or people who didn't have such a great BS / BA record applying to a grad or other program?

    What should I do here?
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  3. Jun 13, 2013 #2
    Maybe try the 2nd or third option-they will both cost money! I'm wondering about funding myself...
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