3-Point 1-Loop Integral with 1 Mass

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I'm trying to get an analytic result, but can't seem to get it. Does anyone know of a lookup table or another way to get it? The Integral I need is of the form:

##\int d^{d}l \frac{1}{l^2 (l+q-p)^2 ((l-p)^2-m^2)}##

It should be convergent in 4 dimensions I believe, but without some regulators for the masses, which I DONT want, it might be best to work in "d" and absorb any divergences there.

This is equivalent to a passarino-veltman C0. I find results for other cases, but not this one. If I do it myself I can't find a favorable way to regulated the divergences that appear.

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Have you tried qcd loop repository?

There is a nice interface to find all the integrals you might need. These are d dimensions for the divergent ones.
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Did you find what you needed? If not, pm me and I can send you the analytic formula in a mathematica nb or something.