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3000 solved problems from schaum.

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    i want to know what is the level of these problems, and are they suiteable for a physics major, i.e does the book also have calculus based physics problems?
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    I use it for my 1st 3 semesters of intro calc-based physics (all lower-div). It includes a lot of problems but i've encountered a lot of decent ones. It includes some of the tricky problems found in Resnick, Halliday and Krane. So the problems are no more difficult than the most difficult ones found in typical intro physics books.
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    the question is what is the portion of these decent questions from the 3000 problems?
    thanks in advance.

    i have Introduction to mechanics by kleppner, the problem is that there are no solved solutions, which is kind of hard to see if you are right or wrong in the tough questions.
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    I have collected links to solutions of Kleppner and Kolenkow book here:

    http://physicscosmos.googlepages.com [Broken]

    Hope you find it useful.
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    And for Tipler? Are there full solutions?
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    Not Tipler.

    All I've done is collect the links to PDF files,from the course websites of various universities.Yes,they contain full solutions to most problems.
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