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Classical Need a book to help practice introductory university physics

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    I am taking an online introductory year 1 university physics . We are using Giancoli physics 6th edition. My course is algebra based. I want to do some additional practice questions and be able to verify my answers and/or see the solutions. I am hoping that this will help me prepare for my midterm and final. Also, I live in Canada and I need a book that is in metric system. Could you please recommend me a practice book?

    I found a book by Schaum's 3000 solved problems in physics. Not sure if I should order it. Please advise.
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    The Schaum's books are generally pretty good for this kind of thing, since they have tons of problems at various levels, and are extremely cheap. They are generally designed to be for a large number of practice problems to nail the computational aspects.

    I haven't used the 3000 problems in physics one, but based on my experience I imagine it should be a good fit for your purposes, although I imagine it's at least partly calculus based. Look around to try to get it as cheaply as possible :3
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    I used to use the schaums outlines as references for my coursework but found that sometimes they diverge from the material we were learning and in some cases didn't help much. However, the Schaums Math Tables and Formula book was used nearly all the time.
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    Yes, I found that Schaum's outline for college physics somewhat diverges from my coursework, but overall it is a good resource and good for practice. I will definitely look at the Tsokos book that you recommended. thank you
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    Yes, it does include some calculus, and it 3000 problems one gives you a skeleton of which problems are calculus based, non-calculus and also rates problems as easy and hard, which is helpful, since they have over 100 problems per chapter. I am using Schaums's outline and 3000 problems and I find it helpful. thank you.
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    Have you considered using a calculus based physics book? I have a copy of giancoli algebra and it can be hard to read. His calculus based physics book is easier to read however. Young Freedman also come to mind. Just skip the proble, s you see containing integrals and differentials. You can read the calculus based books for theory and concept then work the algebra problems in your nook.
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