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(3I3,F9.6) Fortran source code

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    what does this mean..i saw this in Fortran source code!
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    Re: fortran_format

    That is a string formated as 3 integers with up to 3 digits, followed by a floating point number with up to 9 digits, up to 6 of them being to the right of the decimal point.
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    Re: fortran_format

    thanks Hall..
    another doubt..
    What is G12.6, A8 Format???
    Please give me 1 e.g., for each (also for 3I3.). Now F9.6 is very clear.
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    Re: fortran_format

    126,128,133 these are three integers which represent 3 and having three digit in each of them which say I3
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    Re: fortran_format

    Hi, thank you!...
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    Re: fortran_format

    Since he has had his question answered, and my question relates to this topic, I'll post my question here.

    I'm constrained to 72 columns to input my code. How do I input a function in multiple lines?



    I have tried:


    The function I'm using exceeds the 72-column mark.
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    Re: fortran_format

    you can use \ or & for getting multiple lines
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    Re: fortran_format

    Few questions about Fortran

    1. How can i calculate the user run time for my program , i am using fortran 90 and gfortran as compiler

    2. How to draw the graph between the speed of two different programmes

    3. Suppose i have a algorithm then how to calculate the complexity of algorithm, like whether my program is O (N^2) or O(N LOG N) ...if some one can explain this with small example then it will be very helpfull

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    Re: fortran_format

    I want to calculate temperature and the solution contains sum from 1.100 and also contains x and y variables in sum. how can i make a do of the sum but maintain x and y variables constant.
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