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Homework Help: 4 points and distance to middle of square

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    I forgot, but how can i get distance to middle of a square lets consider sides are all called A. So do i take a^2+a^2=r^2 and 2a^2=r^2 so r= radical(2)r , but since we want half of that i multiply that by 1/2

    This correct ?
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    It would help if you told us what "a" is! Is it the length of each side? If so then, by the Pythagorean theorem, the diagonal has length [itex]\sqrt{a^2+ a^2}= a\sqrt{2}[/itex]. Since the middle of the square is at the center of the diagonal, the distance from any vertex to the middle is [itex]a\sqrt{2}/2[/itex]

    (Your equation "r= radical(2)r" should be, of course, "r= radical(2)a". I suspect that was a typo.)
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    Hi th3plan! :smile:

    (have a square-root: √ :smile:)
    Yup! :biggrin:

    and (√2)a/2 = a/√2. :wink:
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