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50Hz vs. 60Hz Electricity cycles

  1. Jul 21, 2011 #1
    I have been reading and it came to my attention that it is more effective to generate electricity at a 60Hz cycle that it is at a 50Hz cycle. Yet only a minority of countries generate electricity using 60Hz. Why is it most countries generate their electricity at a 50Hz cycle when it is known that 50 Hz is less efficient that 60 Hz, results in greater losses and is more expensive? Other than to comply with the English metric system is there any real reason for doing this?
    Please provide reference where possible so i can do additional readings. Thanks

    P.S tagged are some of the most helpful members of the forum
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    Hey, don't blame the English for the metric system!
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    On the face of it, reactance of the power line would be more significant with long transmission distances for the higher frequency. Beyond this, I can't think of anything.
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    Ok that's a start and thanks for your reply @ NascentOxygen...
    @SteamKing I wasnt placing blame, sorry if it seem that way.... I would really appreciate if you gave an answer to the question though... Which in essence, why does most countries operate on a 50Hz cycle rather than a 60 Hz cycle...

    If possible could you provide literature or a source of information so I could do further reading into your responses. Thanks...
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    I have read that link/article before. What I was hoping for is to obtain some deeper findings and research from someone, preferably an engineer who have already done research on this area and had literature that would be useful just for reading purposes. Thanks for sharing your knowledge, it was greatly appreciated.
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