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80% ethanol mixed with 20% diesel

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    Would this mixdure be equivalent in performance and fuel economy as 95 octane gasoline? Any possible damages to the engine if I try this mixdure?

    Br. Vidar
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    Unless the car is a flex fuel vehicle the elastomers in the fuel system could be damaged. In addition corrosion of the fuel lines can occur. As far as the diesel fuel goes, I have no idea how it would work in a gas engine.
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    Sounds like a good way to ruin both SI and CI engines.
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    The car is 98% scrap already. Just wanted to test it. So I gave it a mild start. 70% E75, 20% diesel, 10% 95 oktane gasoline. The engine ran like a kenguru - it did for the first 50 km, then it runs smooth. Can't tell what the milage is yet untill the tank is empty - if the engine last for that long....

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