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8051 Compiler-Mikro C or Keil ?

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    Hello everyone,

    I have just begun my Micro controller course and I am in a sort of confusion. In my institute, they are offering the compiler software Keil and at another place from where I take short courses, they are offering the Mikro C software for the compiling purposes of my 8051 programming. I am unaware from both of them and I have to learn any one of them.

    Can any of you guys plz recommend which software might be the EASIER one ? I just had a look at both of them and I guess that Mikro C can be a little easier of the two.

    Thanks !
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    are they both cmd line driven tools? or do they provide some sort of developer environment for managing projects and source files (ala NetBeans or Eclipse or VisualC++)?

    For cmd line driven tools, one compiler is as good as another. For IDE tools, I'd go with Netbeans or Eclipse as vendor specific tools may not have as many features unless they've rebranded the Eclipse tool (rebranded means they acknowledge using Eclipse as the base but add more plugins specific to what their product does) and add their logo.
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    I took a quick look at both. Keil specifically mentions it includes a simulator. I don't know if Mikro C has a simulator. Assuming your school has some type of project board, having a simulator may not matter. Your school may have some projects already setup, which would reduce the learning curve. Learning to use both toolkits shouldn't be more difficult than learning either one of them. Are you having to buy these toolkits or are they part of the class?
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