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Homework Help: A 59 kg pole vaulter falls from rest from a height of 4.7 m onto a

  1. Jan 5, 2012 #1
    a 59 kg pole vaulter falls from rest from a height of 4.7 m onto a foam rubber pad. the pole vaulter comes to rest 0.34 seconds after landing on the pad. calculate the athlete's velocity just before reaching the pad. calculate the constant force exerted on the pole vaulter due to the collision. (the answers are: -9.6 m/s, 1666 N)
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    Re: impulse/momentum

    you've got to post some form of attempt or at the very least a question..
    we aren't going to just give you the answer, you won't learn anything from that

    what about this problem do you not understand?
    have you started to attempt to solve it, if so how far have you gotten?
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    Re: impulse/momentum

    i literally know nothing about physics. apparently I'm supposed to use the following:
    delta p=Ft
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    Re: impulse/momentum

    That'll be a bit of bother then.. how come you are doing physics problems if you know nothing of physics?

    Regarding the first part of the problem, do you know what it is that makes the pole vaulter fall to the ground? If so, do you know how to relate that to the equations you have?
    Furthermore, do you understand what the equations you have mean?
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