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A and B are twins,A notice B moving away from him with velocity v

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    A and B are twins,A notice B moving away from him with velocity v, so A notice that B is youngerv than him (time dilation) , In the same way, B notice that A is younger than him.
    What happen?
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    Re: twins

    Search this forum for "twin paradox." There have been many discussions of this. In fact, there's one going on right now, with the title "Need help understanding the twins."
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    Hans de Vries

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    Re: twins

    Image 4.26 in section 4.15 (Reversal of Time dilation) explains this all:


    Regards, Hans
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    Re: twins

    Actually, in this case, nothing is happening! Both are completely correct. Each sees the other as being younger than himself. This only becomes a "paradox" when the two twins are back in the same "frame of reference" (i.e. at rest relative to one another) together again. And that requires acceleration of one of the twins.
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