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A better quant - theoretical particle or condensed matter physicist?

  1. Oct 11, 2007 #1
    Who makes the better quant, a theoretical particle physicist or a theoretical condensed matter physicist and why?
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    A statistician will make a better quant anyday I'd guess.
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    I think it depends upon the person and personal experience. Some folks have a knack for quatitative analysis, and some have more exposure/experience depending on academic and professional work.
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    I think that you are talking about quantitative analysis in finance/economics, so I have read a lot and I think that statistical mechanics and complex systems are very useful.

    Maybe I am wrong and you are talking about other kind of quantitative analysis.
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    Sorry the thread has bounced around a bit here. I've just moved it back to A&CG. Nusc, as a future suggestion to avoid things like this, please avoid slang and jargon when introducing a topic. This thread got bounced around today because it was unclear what you were asking about until someone else familiar with the slang helped spell out the terms "quantitative analysis." I'm posting this comment publicly instead of in PM, because it's worthwhile for all of our members to be aware of the confusion caused by using jargon, especially if your target audience is broad enough not to necessarily share that same set of jargon with you.
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    Statistical Physicist who know probability and manipulation of large database. Also knowledge of PDE is essential in the field.
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    Can someone explain to me what qualities a theoretical particle physicist has that makes them good quants as opposed to a statistical physicist?
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    Could it be that it is harder to publish in TPP so the people on average in it are 'smarter' and so would also make better quants but apart from that I can't see any other reason.
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    If one actually study the work in stochastic calculus. One can see the formalism is really originate from quantom physics (i.e the use of anhiliator operater and etc). Also financial market does somewhat follow the uncertainty principle which is the basis of modern physics.
    The only thing for financial market is that it doesnt have a set of axiom like modern maths and physics. i.e. most of the work are based on non-arbitrage assumption which is not true in real market. If i am a recruiter I think statistical physicist (PhD of course) is a better choise any other background because quant has a lot more to do than just do the maths.
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