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A big book of problems for highschool level math?

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    Hey all, I'm looking for a nice big book of math problems dealing with different basic subjects like algebra, geometry, trigonometry, linear algebra, logic etc. Basically I'm looking for a book like "Berkeley Problems in Mathematics
    by Paulo Ney De Souza" but on a highschool to first year undergraduate level. So it should be a book with many problems (900+) but also a book with important ones, wherein you actually come away with a better understanding of say, geometry, if you solved the problems. It doesn't have to be a single book either, I don't mind investing in a series of books.


    Any advice is appreciated, thank you. This site is wonderful!
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    School level problems or contest level problems?
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    Hey Werg thanks for replying. Basically I'm looking for a practice book for school level problems (precalculus), my aim is enhancing my understanding by doing. But I already bought one book and only have enough money left for about two more! At the indirect suggestion of someone on this forum (I've searched for OPs similar to mine but have found none) I bought Euler's "Introduction to Analysis of the Infinite: Book II". I may be a newb at math but I know who he is and thusly throw myself at his feet! Said person purported his intro to analysis as the best precalculus book there is. Okay, the buy may have been impulsive but I'm hungry for math.

    A few books I'm thinking of buying:
    "Precalculus Mathematics in a Nutshell: Geometry, Algebra, Trigonometry"
    "Schaum's Outline of Precalculus"
    "Pre-Calculus Demystified"

    None of these seem to have a large number of practice problems to work with though. Maybe I should buy Schaum's series each for Algebra, trig and geometry instead?
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    Whatever is the money you have, this website http://www.abebooks.com" [Broken] has tons of books for dirt cheap ;). I would suggest any algebra book, such as the one by Sullivan. Also, you could get the solution manual, but I find it rather useless with such elementary math.
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    Thanks for the suggestion. Sorting through all these math books is a bit overwhelming. And Sullivan certainly seems to be offering the depth and breadth I was craving for! My only quibble is that it's a challenge in itself sifting through his huge number of books. Do you think it's better to buy separate texts of Algebra, trig and geometry or to buy a good pre-calculus book, like Sullivan's:
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    Definitely get a compilation rather than segmented volumes. I have personally used Algebra and Trigonometry for theory alone, which was not the best of ideas. His style is not very deep, which makes the book useless for anyone looking for thoroughness. However, the problems that are presented fit quiet well what you are looking for, so I do maintain my suggestion.
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    This is a great book. It isn't filled with tons and tons of problems (it's not a textbook) but it's still very good. It really cuts through the wordy BS and gets to the heart of things.

    Remember that if you really can't afford too many books you could very likely find this one at a library. It's popular enough that there's a pretty good chance you'll find it. I found it at my school's library.
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