A-channel JUGFET = p-channel JUGFET?

  1. I recently got a question in my assignment which asks me to explain how an a-channel and n-channel JUGFET works.
    I was searching over the internet for how a a-channel JUGFET works but couldn't find any, just p-channel and n-channel. So I was wondering whether a-channel JUGFET is actually the same as a p-channel JUGFET?
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  3. I never herd about a-channel JUGFET also I never herd about p-channel JUGFET.
    What is JUFFET? I only heard about JFET (Junction FET) and MOSFET.
    And we have N-channel JFET and P-channel JFET.
  4. That's weird, my exact question is

    "describe how a n channel JUGFET works'
  5. I'm studying in the United Kingdom. I've found the n-channel JUGFET so it obviously exists, just not a-channel.
  6. Silly me, I mis-read the question. Nevermind. Thanks for the assistance.
  7. berkeman

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    Apparently, JUGFET is another name for JFET. I hadn't seen that before. Glad you figured out the mis-read on the a-channel JFET.

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