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A couple of questions about Multiverse and Q. Mechanics.

  1. Oct 27, 2012 #1
    1) I have read that theory suggests infinite amount of universes and I have also read that the theory suggests a finite amount of universes. Which is the right one? If for every decision new universes are born, the number should be finite, right?

    2) In quantum mechanical sense, is it correct to say that there is a probability (negligible of course) that all the atoms that I am made of could spontaneously travel one meter to my right (quantum tunneling?)?
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    Which theory?

    There are no "right" theories, just successful theories and wrong theories.

    You refer to the many-worlds interpretation?
    It is pointless to give a specific number for that, as branching occurs all the time. "Finite" should be fine, however.

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    There is at present absolutely ZERO evidence for more than exactly ONE universe. There MAY be others but right now that's pure speculation / interpretation.
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