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A Day Made of Glass (very intriguing vision of the near future)

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    I bet we'll also have humanoid robots that are affordable (and bringing to the masses one of the few things only the wealthier have access to at the moment, i.e. servants/hired help), and also robotic cars that can drive themselves if you so desire it to.
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    I'm just thinking of all those fingerprints...

    p.s. How would anti-viral glass be made?
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    The maker of Windex will love this future :smile:
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    Cool videos. I've no doubt that a low of this could be made and probably will, I watched a video last year which demonstrated a shop window that could project images and be used like a touch screen. I doubt it will be as ubiquitous as this suggests for various simple reasons, for example: why make a whole bus shelter out of a complex material that is going to require power when everyone has a smartphone? They aren't going to need to be told how to get somewhere or when the next bus is. Also the first thing that normally comes to mind when I think of a bus shelter is this.

    Also regarding humanoid robots I highly doubt we'll be getting them any time soon. Rather a range of things that we now wouldn't really consider as robots will probably see introduction like hoovers that drive themselves round the floor, ditto for lawnmowers etc and already we do have a bunch of appliances that could be considered robots for specific tasks like coffee machines, dish washers, washing machines etc. Rather than building one highly capable, generalist machine why not just stock a home with a series of specialised machines? Makes much more sense practically and economically.
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    Those are more advertisements for the upcoming computer revolution then glass. IBM has just finished its first trials for its new memristor neuromorphic chip and within ten years we should have the first terminator robots walking off the assembly line and starting to teach each other new tricks. That's when things should really start to get interesting and make commercials like this look like something out of the 1908 world's fair.
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    Ben Niehoff

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    That looks like a nightmare. No escape from screens, email, advertising!
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    Got Rocks? :P
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