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A Difficult Differential Equation

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    So, as a result of a thought experiment, I've got a differential equation, which I can't solve:

    R r'' \sin \frac{r}{R} - 2 (r')^2 \cos \frac{r}{R} - R^2 \cos \frac{r}{R} \sin^2 \frac{r}{R} = 0
    [/itex], [itex]R > 0[/itex]

    To make the matters worse, the function [itex]r(\varphi)[/itex] will probably depend on multiple parameters, because when I put [itex]r << R[/itex], I could approximate the equation:

    r r'' - 2 (r')^2 - r^2 = 0

    which gave solution (mostly by lucky guess):

    r = \frac{a}{\sin \varphi + b \cos \varphi}
    [/itex], [itex]a\in\mathbb R[/itex], [itex]b\in\mathbb R[/itex]

    Since I'm used only to the simplest types of differential equations, could you please help me and describe every step :shy:
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    You've got a homogeneous, second order, non-linear ODE. A closed form solution will be difficult to come by, but numerical methods of solution should work.
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    Hi !
    See attachment :

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    Oh, thank you!
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    Sorry, there is a mistake in the attached document:
    From d(rho)/d(phi)=f , in the integral the square root should be at denominator instead of numerator. This changes all what follows and result.
    Nevertheless, the method to solve the ODE has been explained.
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    I've noticed :) I'm currently trying to integrate the changed equation.
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    Below, the corrected attachment :
    The result is much simpler.

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