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A good book for degree level aerospace

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    I’m studying a Btec in aerospace engineering at the minute but next year I’m hoping to head off to university. But when I go I am hoping to get in to Cambridge, seeing as this is pretty much the best engineering university in the UK. so when I go there I would like to be pretty book smart already in the subject to show that I will be able to do the course in such a high level university (seeing as I will only have one A-level and I’m doing a vocational course at the minute) so as my title says can anyone recommend any good degree level aerospace/mechanical books that can look at, please bear in mind that I don't want the "ABC" of aerospace, I just want degree level books suitable for first year and second year degree level.

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    I don't study engineering but here is the reading list for the first year, maybe someone else could recommend something from it.

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    I would read up on calculus and basic calculus based physics books. If you manage to get up to differential equations and laplace transforms, I would look into reading a basic control theory book, since I find it very fascinating, and it is very applicable to aerospace.

    Also, you can work in the aerospace industry with training other than aerospace engineering. Control engineers are highly sought after also in this industry.
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