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A gyroscopic rotating magnetic field

  1. Jul 30, 2013 #1
    I may be on the wrong page but I had a question. You see, I do not have your math skills so I am stuck with an idea, and I have no way of finding out if I am on the right track.
    "Can a gyroscopic rotating magnetic field render inertia mute?"
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    Inertia and Mass

    I am unclear on what you mean. Inertia is the tendency of an object to resist a change in it's motion. Inertia is a concept which is quantified in the concept of mass. Mass (technically 'inertial mass') tells you how much mass an object has. There is nothing which will "render mass mute".
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    Here is what I was thinking. An object in motion comes to a sudden halt. a rotating magnetic field absorbs the energy by rotating it around the vessel in pulse waves. The speed of the rotation is equal to the speed of the vessel. The passenger inside the vessel feels nothing. Honestly I feel that mass, weight, and size has no value. A gyroscope was made of magnetic bands, and the inside of the gyro was not effected by sudden directional shifts. G force did not exists. The way it works in a practical application a vessel would have an insulating material sandwiched between two conductive coatings: the inside, and the outside of a sphere. It is only an ideal, and I won't get broken up over it if it dose not work. These things keep popping up in my head.
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    You are saying that a passenger in a vessel that stops suddenly would feel no deceleration? That doesn't sound very physical. No gyroscopes or magnets will change what the passenger feels.
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