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Homework Help: A little confused in Zero Input response

  1. Nov 28, 2009 #1
    Guys I know how to solve the simple ones but this one has complex roots
    I have to find the zero input response


    y(0)=4 y'(0)=3 y''(0)=3

    D2= D square. Y' = first derivative Y''= second

    I know the roots are +1, j and -j

    But I dont know how to solve or use the j's and their identity

    I maybe wrong. If it wasn't for the square inside the parenthesis I would be able to solve it.

    Any help would be appreciated. (step by step so i can understand it better) once again I know the whole concept but not the j's
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  3. Nov 28, 2009 #2
    Any one? :(
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