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A little solar activity this week

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    Overall this Solar Max has been pretty disappointing. But occasionally the Sun as shown brief bursts of good activity
    over the last week, and for a few more days, there has been a large sunspot group traversing the solar face.
    AR2403 is a massive spot group and one of the largest this solar max. But it hasn't been overly active in the flare production department. So far 6 x M class flares, the largest being a M 5.6

    Here's a pic I took yesterday 25 Aug 2015
    800mm ( 400mm and 2x teleconverter), f11, ISO 250, 1/250th sec exp and a full aperture solar filter
    was a bit of an act to get the shot as the sun came and went behind the thick rain clouds


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    hi ya :smile:

    I used to use that site, but their image quality sucks these days
    I use this one instead ....

    so much better quality !!

    I download the Fe 171, He 304, magnetic, intensity and x-ray images daily ( each morning before going to work)

    Have a database of images spanning back to the mid 1990's when SOHO first came online
    and now more recently superseded by SDO ( Solar Dynamics Observatory) space craft

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