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Medical A material light, cheap and strong as wood material

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    Good evening. I'de like to know if exists a material light, cheap and strong as wood material, capable of handle maximum 100 pounds. . that's for a portable massage table structure.
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    What's the problem w/ wood itself? You really haven't described your problem very well.
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    it's heavy. . and aluminium is un expensive material. I'de like to know if exists a cheaper material and lighter to build a portable massage table . it already exists in wood and aluminium. I need to know if its possible to construct in another material.
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    light, strong, cheap ... pick any two.
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    thank You so much. I don't know if its correct or not but i'm not a physician i'm an osteopath, and i'm trying to find a solution to a problem that I and other collegues deal with almost every day. Once again thank you.
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    I think phinds nailed the problem: you can get better with one quality, but in turn some other quality will likely be worse.
    For example, a classic strong and light material is carbon fiber. But, it's not cheap.
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    I would think that if there is an easy solution it's the kind of thing that medical equipment manufacturers would have found it since they are always on the lookout for new things to sell.
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    I don't know if You understood my problem, but I'll try to explain better. nowadays, my profession here in my country demands if I have to go see a pacient at his house I nedd to bring with me a portable massage table. the tables in the market are heavy (between 15 to 23 pounds - not to much for a boy but for me it is its almost a half of my weight)
    I thought that maybe the material I'm looking for already exists I don't know its not my area. I should ask who knows. .
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    I didn't find anything different of wood or aluminium. carbon fiber I know the material but I didn't find any portable massage table build with it. . thank You both.
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    You could make a frame of aluminum and use light plastic or even strong cloth to cover it. You don't need the whole "body" to have the same strength.
    But probably this exists already. As someone already said it, if there were a cheaper alternative for the same performance, the professional manufacturers would have used it already.

    However, it is not clear what is your goal. If you just want to build one for yourself, the price of the material should not be so important. It's just a one time expense.
    You plan to become a manufacturer of these tables?
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    The danger will be that a whole human will rest on it, plus additional weight. It's not something you want to have collapse under you.
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    Thing is, what is available is the lightest, strongest and cheapest that the industry can manufacture. If there were something better, they'd have used it. Afterall, they have the same needs and goals as you do.

    And you've got to consider the safety/liability aspect. You might be able to build something lighter, but I bet your insurance would balk, as would your MT registrar.

    These aren't showstoppers, just challenges for someone with an entrepreneurial penchant. :wink:

    A quick way to cut weight is to honeycomb the material. Same strength, less weight. But cost goes up.
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    There are surely regulations surrounding this in your profession. I'm afraid you'll have to consult those for approved equipment, we can't condone you attempting to build your own equipment designed to be used with patients. This falls under our policy on medical advice. Best of luck.
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