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A microscope in an electricity laboratory

  1. Jan 4, 2015 #1
    Is there any usage for a measuring microscope in an electricity laboratory as a part of any experiment?
    We have a Mitutoyo measuring microscope in our fundamental electricity physics lab which is a course for sophomores.
    We used it for apparent depth in our optics lab which is retired now!
    I'm looking for some experiment to use it again in our electricity & magnetism lab.
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    Measuring wire diameters in a resistivity/conductance measurement lab. Dielectric strength of various insulators of various thicknesses. Electrostriction. Magnetostriction.
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    I remember a pretty interesting exhibit at the Exploratorium (San Francisco, CA) a number of years ago involving Magnetic Bubble Memories. They had a piece of the material under a microscope and you could change the bias voltages (or change something else -- it's been many years), and you could see the magnetic domains growing and shrinking. Pretty interesting visual exhibit. Here are some images of Magnetic Bubble Memories. I'll try to see if I can find a write-up of the Exploratorium exhibit...


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    Andy Resnick

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