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Medical A minibus run over 4 year old and he survives! How? [Warning -- Disturbing Video]

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    Here is another video
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    In the video the most sensitive areas of the child were missed. The tires ran over the child's arms and legs. That probabaly hurt, but I certainly wouldn't expect it to be fatal with proper medical care.

    This looked more serious, but the child's head was also spared. The tires didn't linger on top the child for long, but I would be shocked if there weren't some internal injuries. Again, probably not fatal with medical care.

    Both were driving realitivity slow, but both kids are probably very luckly.

    So how? Luck mostly, and modern medical care.

    Lesson? Don't let your kids play in the road.
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    Oh! These are sickening for me to watch. They were still babies! I cannot deal with my daughter walking in a parking lot or driveway without holding my hand. She constantly gets upset at not being able to be a 'big kid' and do as she pleases. I make her grab the back of my shirt if my hands are full and keep her foot on the tire if bags need to be dropped before I put her in the car seat. It's odd because I began roaming alone outside at maybe 4 years old. Nothing like that happened to me, but I lived in such a remote area at the time that there was no electricity at all and the roads probably weren't paved then. I cannot even deal with the thought of letting her go for a walk alone as a teenager. But, I watched a documentary about how many places in the world do allow their young children to roam freely, use transportation, and perform basic tasks like adults- they seemed to be healthy and well-nurtured at home. There probably has to be a lot of trust before most parents are comfortable with it. I don't see the average 5-8 year old having the attention span or awareness of surroundings enough to react in time.
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    A young child's bones are still growing and are somewhat flexible which would help. I'm a paramedic and I've seen kids (adults too) survive injuries that I was sure would kill them.
    Medical knowledge expands daily and this also increases the number of people surviving horrific injuries. As a combat medic I saw a 4 year old boy survive being thrown/blown nearly 15 meters. He had two small wounds, one to his right thigh and one to his right upper arm. Amazingly he had NO internal injuries. God has a plan for that young man.
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