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Medical Fecal Transplants to Cure Disease?

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    Interesting article: Atlantic Monthly
    It's as if modern medicine, has a deep aversion to this approach to treating a family member (with safeguards in place). I say let medical scientists test and vet it, then, let the chips (pun intended) fall where they may.

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    Thanks berkeman,

    Dimly in the recesses of my mind I must have been aware of it, but I do find it odd that on 01/27/2011 a similar story was released and this one on 01/25/2011 by slate.com. Probably just a coincidence, right ?

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    Re-establishing a healthy bacteria colony, I can believe. But curing MS I'm skeptical of.
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    I agree. I've heard of doing it to repopulate necessary bacteria after treating C. Diff., at least in veterinary settings, but this sounds like it's being stretched too far beyond what evidence supports.
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