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    I am a retired man, who has always wanted to be a Physicist. I have no credentials, and am not qualified to comment on anything, but I enjoy having studied Physics some 43 years ago, and am only slightly behind what was current then. I have engaged in discussions on Quora, and in many other places, because, even if I lack knowledge, I'm never short on opinion. That's pretty much the definition of an 'armchair' anything, so I just ignore the guilt and shame of talking without the proper foundation. I know it requires a genius level intelligence, to truly comprehend the multi-dimensional space in which we live, not to mention the reality of superposition and its collapse. I just read what is written, and try to get as much of the theory as I can, and with that I am content. When something novel occurs to me, I'll share it, and dutifully read the explanation of why it's wrong, and not well thought out, or even juvenile. I take no offense, since I know that I'm not qualified. I wrote a Fantasy/Science Fiction series, based upon the existence of another planet, one upon which it was possible to interface directly with zero-point energy, via conscious thought. This was accomplished by means of a device, created before the dinosaurs died out, by a race already ancient then. They built a world, which was self-repairing, and as such, was still useable by the 'earth colonists' who wound up there. It had become the repository of the device previously mentioned, so that all technological equipment malfunctioned, swiftly, in the presence of conscious thought. It made good reading, and contained a discussion of Parallel Universes, created by alternate decisions. The interaction of such has been postulated in current theory, but my books were written years ago. I figure that since I was aware of gluons, before they were accepted and a particle, and I've always known that fundamental particles are the trailing portion of a probability wave, which represents the superposition, I might not be as dumb as I look. Or maybe I am, time will tell.
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    One of my cardinal rules, in science fiction, is that ALL of my speculation is founded, or grounded, as the case may be, in HARD science. In that sense, this is exactly where I should be, inasmuch as I'm not interested in seeing what others intend for fiction, but what facts may be used to found my own. I explore the 'many worlds theory', and 'many universes' as well, but it is the science behind the Alcubierre drive which is important to me. I also look for information concerning negative mass, wormholes, and the creation thereof, and such points as these, from which fancy can be extended. I do not seek validation, or to have unreviewed theories published. I'm simply here to learn, so that my fiction will be less speculative in those areas not vital to the fiction of the story.
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