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A paint for magician's trick?

  1. Feb 17, 2016 #1
    Greetings Forum Members,
    I am quite new to this & this is my first post. To tell you guys a little bit about me I am a magician that creates effects and I figured that when I am stuck I should go somewhere and ask people that are smarter than me :-).

    First Question: Is there any kind of paint that is invisible to the human eye but lights up when a picture with a flash is taken or the camera can't process it? For example a spectators cell phone with a flash takes a picture of me holding up my hand and have a card appear on my hand or makes it look like there is a hole in my hand?

    Second Question: Is there a substance that exists that doesn't burn. For example burning a napkin and have whatever you want written on the napkin but everything around where you written?

    Also are there any substances out on the market that "could" be used in a magic effect that a lot of people don't know about? For example a substance that you can put on skin and over time becomes cold or hot that is not toxic? Im just leaving it up to your creativity and I thank you all for your time!

    Looking forward to your response!
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    Couple other ideas.....

    A liquid or balm that you can put on paper and burns or soot sticks to

    A non toxic liquid that can be added to water to freeze instantly
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    Hi Mastico

    The truth is there's lots of chemicals used in high end magic - for example seeing into a sealed envelope can be achieved using a highly volatile liquid to "wet" the paper, make it temporarily transparent, and then evaporate very quickly leaving the envelope dry. Another commonly used chemical is acetone which dissolves polystyrene very effectively (90% sure of my facts on this one!) - the tricks being for example, to switch a real person with a polystyrene when they go under a shroud, and then make that "person" disappear. Gallium is a metal which dissolves at room temperature - lots of scope there. The powders used in nappys (diapers) can be used to make water disappear as you pour it into a container. The list goes on....

    A bit of creative searching on youtube will find you many more examples. As for the $64,000 question of chemicals that could be used but not a lot of people know about - be sure to PM me if you find one; new magic tricks can be worth a fortune and I promise I won't break the magicians code and tell anyone :wink:
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    As I recall lemon juice can be used as an invisible ink that becomes visible when heated.
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