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A question about GPA for grad schools

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    At which year and what level of courses are GPA taken into consideration?
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    Depends on the school I think, I know mine starts taking it into account right off the bat
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    Oh wow seriously? I live in Canada, does that change anything?
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    I live in Canada to :P
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    Are you comfortable with telling me which institution you are from?
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    It totally depends on the school as far as I know.
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    Oh okay...
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    Generally they look at all of the marks, but put more emphasis on the last two years. Your overall GPA matters though at most schools, if you have a 4.0 your last year, but a 2.5 total, you still won't get in, and I don't think that's a physics thing, its just a school of graduate studies thing which ultimately have to approve you for acceptance.
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    Depends on the school, because a friend of mine just got into grad school, and failed a course or two in first year. The prof said he hadn't even noticed (ie wasn't looking at his first year or even maybe second year courses). I think the emphasis is on your senior level courses; but each school is different.

    but like someone said previously, I'd assume that if your overall was a 2.5, and your last year was a 4.0, you'd unlikely get in.
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    although there is a variance for each school and program, almost all physics grad schools in Canada require a B+ average over four years to apply.
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    I was curious about this as well due to my checkered transcript from my first degree. I originally went into business management and could not pass managerial accounting so I switched over to physics. From the two years of business curriculum I have a GPA of 2.29...ouch. But so far with all classes related to my degree in Physics I have a 3.96. Will they apply the grades from my business days or simply just pay attention to the grades I receive during my physics degree? Thanks

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    I am actually asking this because next year when I enter first-year university, I am not sure if I want to my AP credits to exempt me from courses. If I do, does that mean I have to get good grades on electives like languages or writing or history etc...?
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