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A question about Nano-Desulferizer

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    I red something about Nano-Desulferizer, the article said something about how people can send Nanobots that carry calcium and magnesium to the atmosphere and react with SO2 to produce salts, which prevent the acid rain..

    I wonder why Nanobots, why they can not just send something else that carries Calcium and Magnesium to the atmosphere. what is the advantage that only nanobot has.

    I am sorry if I made grammar errors

    Thank you for helping
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    Can you post a reference? I've never heard of this. There's also no way it'd be any more efficient (given that there are no self-reproducing nanobots, or general nanobots in existence, to the best of my knowledge) than just particulating calcium or magnesium powder or dumping these into rivers and lakes (where they'll take up acid once it rains out).
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