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A question on the superstrings theory

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    A question on the superstrings theory....

    I have read almost every article there is concerning the superstrings theory and i must say that it fascinates me... Cosmology in general is fascinating

    But even though my physics knowledge is limited (I am an economist) i have a question...

    The strings vibrate... WHAT causes their vibration ??
    is there a force that makes them vibrate or have they been vibrating since forever ? and if so, how is it possible ?

    thank u
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    Re: A question on the superstrings theory....

    As I recall, there is a zero point energy with which all strings vibrate, and then from there, there are excited states due to interactions.
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    Re: A question on the superstrings theory....

    At all energies probed by experiments to date, the universe is accurately described as a set of quantum fields. If we take the Fourier transform of a free quantum field, each mode of a fixed wavelength behaves like a simple harmonic oscillator. A quantum mechanical property a simple harmonic oscillator is that the ground state exhibits zero-point fluctuations as a consequence of the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle, with energy [tex]E=\frac{1}{2}\hbar\omega[/tex].

    As we progress to higher energies it may be that the universe is more accurately described by extended one one dimensional objects (strings). These strings can be open or closed (eg there ends are free, or joined). In a similar way to a harmonic oscillator, these strings have an elementary vibration which is a consequence of the HUP.
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    Re: A question on the superstrings theory....

    I am fearful of violating a rule should I re-post a poem here, so I will instead refer you to my blog entry entitled: Strings Attached. Please tell me what you think.
    -- Poeteye
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