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A question on virtual antiparticles and Hawking Radiation

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    I know that Hawking Radiation is caused by the separation of virtual particles on the event horizon of a black hole, but I do not understand why the antiparticle is always the particle from the pair that falls into the black hole. It seems to me that the gravitational effects of the black hole should effect both particles equally.
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    I would like to know this as well.
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    George Jones

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    It isn't always the antiparticle that falls in. See
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    The term 'negative' energy is used to express mathematical concepts. It should not be taken more seriously than any other such analogy.
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    Ok so no matter what particle falls into the event horizon, since it is a virtual particle, has negative energy? and the one that escapes becomes a real particle with positive energy? That makes more sense thank you
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