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Homework Help: A stone is thrown at an angle of 36.87 degrees

  1. Nov 18, 2008 #1
    a stone is thrown at an angle of 36.87 degrees from a height of h=8m and falls to the ground 12m from the point of throwing,
    given that the acceleration is defined by
    a the initial velocity of the throw
    b the total time
    c the maximum height
    d the radius of cruvatuture at maximum height
    e the radius of curvature when it hits the ground

    i have managed to answer all but the last 2

    a using the equations for constant acceleration, saying
    2 equations with 2 variables, find that

    to find the maximum height i again used the equations for
    knowing that at max height, Vy(t)=0
    max height=9.465m

    problem now is i dont know how to find the radius of curvature at either point
    please help
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