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A thought on Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle

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    Let me first start off by saying that I am somewhat new to physics and it's understanding. But I was looking over the Hiesenberg Uncertainty Princple and a thought occured to me.

    The Heisenberg Unvertainty Principle states "More precisely the position is determined, the less precise the momentum is known at this precise moment." However; if it was possible to measure, not the electron itself, but the electron's interferference on fabric of space-time. The position and momentum would be able to be measured at that precise moment.

    So imagine how astronomers detect location and movement of planets light-years away. Apply those same mechanics, but at a much smaller scale and only a few inches away.

    I may be way off target, but it may be interesting if someone with a much higher understanding delved into it.

    If you would like to contact me, about anything else feel free to email at dlinetackle@yahoo.com I quite frequently delve into stuff that is way over my head.
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    Ya think?

    Read up a bit more on the HUP before you decide that you've come up with an idea that thousands of well-trained and pretty smart physicists have managed to overlook.
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    Welcome to PhysicsForums, dlinetackle!

    Your assessment of the Uncertainty Principle above is inaccurate at a number of levels. Generally, particles do not possess well-defined position and momentum at all times (although there is a little wiggle room on that point, just ask Demystifier). Further, spacetime is distorted by the mass/momentum of a particle, but this distortion could not be determined with sufficient precision to get anything close to what you describe.

    As phinds mentions, you should read up on the HUP some more. I would recommend following a few of the many threads on this board on the subject, we tend to discuss it often.
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    @ Drchinese, thanks for the eloquent response. I know I don't know enough about it. Thats why I just tossed it out there to see if I was way off base or not.

    @ Phinds Just because thousands of people have tried this or that doesn't mean what I have thought about is any less important. Especially to myself. A number of inventions, theories and even a Law or two have been developed through just meandering with the subject. So I appreciate your response, it however; was inadequate in it's effect.
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