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A very Simple angular movement numerical

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    Hi I don't have idea about solving it, If any one can give me a descriptive answer or solve it for me, it'll be appreciable

    The flywheel of a prototype car engine is under test. The angular position θ of the flywheel is given by θ = (3.0rad/s3)t3 and the diameter of the flywheel is 36cm.

    (a)Find the distance that a particle on the rim moves during that time interval.
    (b) Find the angle θ, in radians and in degree, at times t1 = 3.0s and t2 = 6.0s.
    (c) Find the average angular velocity, in rad/s and in rev/min, between t1 = 3s and t2 = 6s.
    (d) Find the instantaneous angular velocity at time t1 = 3.0s and t2 = 6.0s.
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    Sunjava1, we don't do your homework for you here, we can only help you towards your own solutions. To that end, you must provide an attempt to solve the problem or at least a description of your attempt and where you've become stuck. That is why the posting software provides a template...
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