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About Deja Vu: Mass and travelling into an alternate universe.

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    Hi all, not sure if any of you all have watched it. Denzel washington acted in it.
    http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0453467/" [Broken]

    I have a question regarding what they said, they need to keep the mass low if they want to transfer an object into the alternate universe, which in the movie it's called the 'Past'.
    I don't understand how mass is related to time travel.

    Basically, they sent an object into the alternate universe via a wormhole.
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    Hi Chaste! :smile:

    Obviously, this is complete rubbish, but I think the idea behind it is that wormholes would be unstable, and too much energy (which includes mass) going into it would cause it to collapse. :wink:

    (and technically what they did isn't time-travel, it's just travel to a different place in a very similar universe)
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    hey tim! thanks for your reply!!! ya, somehow they travelled to a different world with a completely same worldline just that it is 4 and 1/2 days ago.
    But can you tell me what's the logic(explanation) behind too much energy(mass, E=mc^2) destroying the wormhole?

    and do you remember the part where Denzel Washington points a laser pointer at the monitors and they said the EM field is destroyed?
    Why is there an em field?
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    Is there a reason why this is such a curiosity for you? I mean, these movie-makers could simply make up some non-existent physics principles. They have been known to do that!

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    Why are you looking for logic in a science-fiction movie's science? :smile:
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    oh. I forgot to mention I'm doing a presentation on a movie review. uhm, I'm just trying to pre-empt some questions from my audience
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