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About Parallel-to-serial converters

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    Hello everyone, i am a beginner in electrical engineering , and i am studying introduction to logic circuits.And I'd like you talk to me applications of parallel-to-serial converters especially the Parallel-to-serial converters of 4 bits.
    Since now,thank you.
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    Hi there

    what research have you done for yourself so far ?
    Here on PF we try to avoid spoonfeeding people with info ... they tend not to learn very much that way
    have a go at googling for some info, if there are things in the references you find that you don't understand
    then tell us what you don't understand and give a link to the reference :smile: and us guys can help from there

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    Serial is often preferred for communications because it takes fewer wires, and if one of the serial protocols is followed you can "easily" communicate with another system ... hence RS-232 and USB.
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    Is because I need to choose an application and make the study of it.The teacher has not lectured about it,so I'm a little disoriented.
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